Monday, January 5, 2015

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Landscape Architect and Designer Values: 

Any given Landscape Architect may have a different approach, but Landscape Designer Contractor, Anthony with Kansas city landscape Outdoor Living creates living areas that feel connected to the home. As a Landscape Designer and Landscape Contractor working with a Landscape Architect, we try to create the space so it feels relaxed. It should feel like it's been in place with the home for years and not an "add-on".

As Kansas CITY Landscape Architect, Landscape Designer or Landscape Contractor that merges old and new construction into the landscape design, the goal is to build a space people want to spend time, whether at the bar of the outdoor kitchen, fire pit, patio, or covered porch. When a space becomes a large part of the homeowners' daily life, that's when I know a project has been completed with excellence. I work closely with a Landscape Architect through the design process to ensure the space has the correct "feel".

A quality KANSAS City  landscape design must allow the space to flow from the inside of the home out. The patio and outdoor living space feels like an extension of the home, or another "room" of the home and feels wrapped with fresh, low-maintenance landscaping.

In Kansas City patio, and landscaping design, there is a clear trend toward a cleaner, more defined look influenced by a more modern era viewpoint that values a non-cluttered look and feel. With respect to landscape design, in our circle of clients, we've seen a definite shift toward cleaner, artisan-crafted backyards and fewer "boxy", shrub-heavy yards. A Landscape Architect with a keen sense designs this effect.

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